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Cultural associationsWhen you move to a new community, one of the most important things to do is meet new people. Niagara is a growing and diverse community with many recreational and cultural activities that will help you meet people.

The following cultural and recreational organizations are great opportunities to become part of the community in your new home. Please visit the Niagara Community Information Database for more information.

Armenian Community Centre of St Catharines

A cultural and social club for people of Armenian descent and the community at large.

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Canadian Cuban Friendship Association Niagara

Hosts and facilitates Cuban visitors, promotes student exchanges, provides speakers, sponsors travel information nights and cultural events, promotes Cuban celebrations in Niagara.

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Centre de Santé Communautaire Hamilton/Niagara

A multi-disciplinary agency serving the French speaking population of Niagara and Hamilton Regions. .

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Chinese Cultural Association of Regional Niagara

Cultural and social club that offers social events to its members and exhibits their culture to the general public.

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Club Cultural Latin Americano

A group that meets for social gatherings. Offer Spanish classes for children.

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Club Heidelberg

A recreational, social and cultural club with facilities open to both members and non-members.

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Club Italia

A cultural and social club for the Italian community.

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Club Roma (St Catharines) Inc

Social and Italian cultural club. Also manages a soccer league for the area.

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Filipino-Canadian Association of Niagara

A cultural and social organization for the Filipino community. Newcomers are encouraged to contact the Association for cultural support.

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Fort Erie Multicultural Centre

Providing settlement services to meet the needs of Immigrants and Refugees living or in transition in the community of Fort Erie, including youth services, group activities, orientation services, and more.

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Italo-Canadian Centennial Club

A cultural and social club for those of the Italian community.

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Lao Association

A cultural and social club for the Laotian community.

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Latin Immigrant Niagara Community Association (LINCA)

LINCA is a non profit organization that offers services to assist new comers of the Latin American community to integrate with Canadian society.

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Newcomers of St Catharines and District

A group designed to provide new members (women) of the community with the chance to meet others and to establish a social life.

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Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre

Provides services to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrants and refugees including orientation services, links with the community, youth services, and more. Sites in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.

View more information about the Niagara Falls site and the St. Catharines site.

Niagara German-Canadian Club

A social club for people of German descent and those interested in German culture.

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Scottish Club of St Catharines

Cultural and social club. Operates recreational bus trips when possible.

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Slovenian National Home and Cultural Centre - Lipa Park

A service club whose members promote and preserve the culture of Slovenia.

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St Andrew's Society of Niagara

A general social group that, on occasion,celebrates the Scottish culture - but events are not limited to that.

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Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Inc

Provides a drop in centre, with social hours every Thursday from 1:30-3, with a library and enrichment programs.

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