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Before arriving in Niagara there are documents you must bring with you when you arrive, and the documents you will need to get once you're here. For full information, see Welcome to Canada: What you should know, a comprehensive resource provided by the Government of Canada.

The Permanent Resident Card, issued by the federal government, is an important document you will receive when you're admitted to Canada as a permanent resident. It is proof of your status in Canada. Click here to learn more.
Everyone who works in Canada must have a social insurance number (SIN). Click here to learn more.

Basic medical services in Ontario are paid for by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, you must have an Ontario health card to receive OHIP coverage. Click here to learn more about getting a health card and healthcare services in Ontario.

To drive a vehicle, you'll need an Ontario Driver's Licence. Please visit for more information on driver's licences including how to get a licence, International Driver's Permit, and more.

For an overview and links to important application forms, click here.

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