Government Agencies

The following government agencies welcome newcomers to Niagara Region and provide services to help you move to and settle in Niagara. They provide assistance immigrating, finding a home, finding a job, and more.

Regional Municipality of Niagara

The Regional Municipality of Niagara (Niagara Region) is the main government agency providing services to newcomers to the 12 local municipalities that make up Niagara Region. Niagara Region can provide you with employment assistance, public transit, senior housing and support, childcare, social assistance and support, low-income housing, business support, and more.

Visit the Regional Municipality of Niagara website

Niagara Economic Development

Niagara Economic Development (NED) is a department of the Regional Municipality of Niagara that works with businesses and business owners to improve the Region's economy. NED promotes Niagara Region to businesses all around the world and works with local municipalities to provide business support services. NED also helps local companies grow and can help you start a business or help you with a business you have recently started.

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Local Communities

Niagara Region is made up of 12 local municipalities, each of which is also made up of smaller cities, towns, and villages. Each local municipality provides services to residents and businesses that may include housing, employment, and business support depending on the municipality. Click here for more information on Niagara's local municipalties.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a department of the Government of Canada that provides many programs to help you immigrate to and work, live, and study in Canada. CIC resources include forms, policies, research, contact information, and more.

Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website

Ontario Immigration

Ontario Immigration is a program of the Government of Ontario's Department of Citizenship and Immigration that provides resources for people planning to immigrate or who have recently immigrated to Ontario. Resources they can provide you include information about Ontario culture, weather, communities, and guides to living, working, doing business and studying.

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