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Taffy on Snow businessIt's easy to start your own business in Niagara. The following list outlines the basic steps to becoming an entrepreneur:

  1. Register your business: you will need to register your business with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Province of Ontario

  2. Prepare a business plan: prepare a plan to help turn your ideas into a business and communicate your vision to others

  3. Get financial assistance: get the financial help your business needs to start and grow

  4. Check regulations and licencing requirements: register with the relevant authority for licencing, zoning, public health, and more

  5. Know your tax situation: prepare for paying sales, income, and other taxes

There are many organizations that can help you start a business in Niagara:

An alternative to starting your own business is to purchase an existing business. By doing this you can avoid the start-up process, get income immediately, and can rely on existing customers, suppliers, and partners. To learn more about buying an existing business, visit the Business Development Bank of Canada website.

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