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Niagara is home to many immigrants from all over the world who have moved to the region for job opportunities, welcoming communities, and a high quality of life. Read about people who have successfully made this transition and how they've built their lives and become at home in their new communities.

Harland Machacon

Harland Machacon

Harland Machacon is from the Philippines, where he worked as an engineer for over 20 years. He recently moved to the Niagara Region with his wife and daughter, who both worked in the healthcare field and wanted to continue their careers in Canada. Harland heard about Niagara from a classmate, and after learning about its peaceful and quiet communities, settled with his family in the community of St. Catharines.

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René Aguilera

René Aguilera

René Aguilera came with his family to Canada from Mexico in 2005. He now works for a long-term care facility as an Accounting Payroll Clerk. He received settlement services for help learning English, getting his driver's licence, and more. He lives St. Catharines with his wife and two daughters.

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